my dog died yesterday. she was pretty old and had terminal lung cancer, and i got to say goodbye, but when i was mourning in a private room at the vet's where we had her put to sleep, one of the vet's pet dogs came in and stayed with me for a bit and let me pet him. it was very comforting just being around another dog, really. since my dog was a rescue dog, i thought it might help me cope if i volunteered at a shelter, and there's one i can start at on friday. should i? would it be morbid?

anon, i think thats a great idea!!! to help other animals like you helped your dog, and to be able to care for them and ensure that they go to the best homes possible and get the best treatment….. that would be ideal for you, i think, and a great coping method! definitely try volunteering, i think it will be good for you!! 


when people start trash talkin your favorite female character 




White people be like ..

i cant stop watching this vine he is so cute

fave pairings → sohma kyo/honda tohru (fruits basket)


Agent Texas


The defense is not quite ready, Your Honor.


Hetalia: The Beautiful World - Character Appreciation (18/…)
Switzerland / Basch Zwingli